Kalena Afro - 2018

About Kalena Boller

Recently, Kalena visited the good people of The Atlanta Film Chat Podcast! Check out episode number 188 to hear her story.

How many times can you play a VHS tape before it unwinds into a pile of ribbon? Kalena Boller has the answer. A veteran location manager, Kalena’s passion for filmmaking was unleashed at the ripe age of 3 when her grandmother gifted her a VHS copy of the 1948 classic “The Red Shoes” (which she watched into oblivion). And while her pint-sized peers were cozy on their couches merely watching Disney movies, this budding film fanatic was corralling her friends to reenact on-screen worlds as a mini “director” and “producer.” Always prepared with a memorized catalog of characters and dialogue, it came to no one’s surprise when Kalena decided to pursue a degree in filmmaking.

After graduating from Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Kalena moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and jumped right into the industry. Kalena got her first post-graduate on-set opportunity in June 2005: as an unpaid intern for T-Payne’s “I’m in Love With a Stripper” music video filming at Turner Field. Ever the tenacious crew member, Kalena impressed the production staff so much that her unpaid internship turned into a paid Production Assistant gig on day one. Twelve years later, Kalena has racked up 40 credits to her name, and is one of the Southeast’s most trusted location scouts.

And it just so happened that fate was on Kalena’s side. As her career skyrocketed, so did the film production industry in Georgia, which now hosts the most feature-film productions in the world.

To Kalena, “making Hollywood magic in Y’allywood” is the stuff of dreams. At the end of her days on set, she once more corrals her peers like she did as a child. This time, her peers are the film industry’s most talented production wizards and the reenactments are fascinating anecdotes from those action-packed days on location. Listening to The Credits, is like sneaking on set and eavesdropping on never-before-heard conversations. So, settle in and let the spotlight shine on the stars you’ll only see in The Credits.

Kalena also moderated the podcasting panel at the 2018 Creative Conference of the Atlanta Film Festival. Listen to how Georgia podcasters, including Kalena, are uniquely poised at the intersection of media production and storytelling HERE!