117: Linda Burns, Producer and Organizer of the Atlanta Film Festival


"I’ve worked with butterflies, penguins, dogs, maggots...pro-athletes, strippers, crack addicts...I’ve shot, stabbed and set people on fire...raced a NASCAR car down Peachtree Street, faked a hurricane evacuation in Miami...and taught Himalayan monks and grade-school kids how to make movies. I do film and I love it."

Episode 17 of The Credits peeks in the world of Georgia's independent film scene with Atlanta Film Society's Creative Conference Director and film Producer Linda Burns. When it comes to film and television production, Linda has seen and done it all. She recently sat with Kalena to talk about the transformation from student to teacher and educates us on what it means to be an indie producer.

At this year's Atlanta Film Festival, Linda and her team have brought together filmmakers and film enthusiasts for over 35 panels for the Creative Conference. Linda also teaches classes at The PA Academy, a two-day training intensive for those looking to break into the industry with the proper skills and knowledge to succeed. Throughout the year, AFS has workshops covering a range of film topics. Linda is currently filming a docu-series called Faces of the Forgotten Coast (photos of Linda filming on location below), that "celebrates the rich culture and generational heritage of the people living in the small fishing villages along the Big Bend area of North Florida." 

Director_LindaBurns_FacesOfTheForgottenCoast_SeiningForMullet 2.jpg