115: Qualen Bradley & Joel Ray Ishman - Stand-Ins

Joel (left) and Qualen (right) talking to Kalena about what it takes to be a working Stand-In actor.

In this episode of The Credits, host Kalena turns the spotlight on the recognizable but misunderstood job of the Stand-In actor. Joel Ray Ishman and Qualen Bradley stopped by the studio to discuss their experiences working on the 2nd season of FX's ‘Atlanta’ and the breakout Marvel Studios' film ‘Black Panther’, learning and navigating the set, building relationships and using your gifts to excel in your field. We also get a glimpse into the technical side of being a stand-in. What is the “stand-in back door”? Tune in and find out!

Qualen Bradley (center) was the Stand-In for LaKeith Standfield who plays Darius, and Joel Ray Ishman (right) was Stand-In for Bryan Tyree Henry who plays "Paper-Boi" for the first and second seasons of ATLANTA on FX. Also pictured is Jejuan Smith (left), who was Stand-In for Donald Glover's character Earnest "Earn" Marks.