110: Jessica Young, Assistant Production Office Coordinator

Jessica On The Stairs

Most don’t realize that there’s an entire team of professionals whose sole purpose is to set up, manage, and run every aspect of a production. Jessica Young is a part of this team and likes things to be organized. As the APOC (Assistant Production Office Coordinator) of Season 2 of STAR on FOX, that's exactly what she gets to do all day long. Whether it's making sure every aspect of production is prepped and ready to go or documenting every move made on set each day, she's on it!

After cutting her chops in Los Angeles, the San Francisco, CA native packed up her car and moved to Atlanta, GA to try her hand at Yallywood. Her IMDB list is quickly filling up! Credits to her name include Hell’s Kitchen, The People’s Couch, and Sleepy Hollow

I caught up with Jess at the STAR Production Office in Atlanta and asked her to give us a glimpse of her fast-paced world.