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About The Credits

Popcorn kernels litter the floor. The lights rise. Moviegoers make their exits, though the screen is not yet dark. It's now a steady scrolling of names making their brief bows in black and white. But, who are they? Veteran location manager and production industry insider Kalena Boller created The Credits to put a face to the names that scroll by after the movies.

Weaving together engaging conversations with intriguing behind-the-scenes stories, The Credits turns the spotlight on each film crew member's pivotal, often thankless, role in creating the magic of on-screen entertainment Tune in for a new episode every other week.

We’ll see you after the movies! 

The Credits is a production of Zero Mile Media
The show is produced by Sean Powers.


About the host

Kalena Boller - Car Braids

get to know kalena

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how it all comes together? Kalena Boller has the answers. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kalena is a veteran location manager for major motion pictures and TV shows and the host of “The Credits,” a fresh podcast that spotlights film and TV’s most talented production wizards. Kalena’s passion for the fascinating and secretive world of film making has been lifelong and deep-rooted. To Kalena, “making Hollywood magic in Y’allywood” is the stuff of dreams. Now, she’s ready to carry that magic over from the set to our ears. From music videos to feature films, Kalena’s behind-the-scenes stories span nearly 15 years. Lucky for us, she’s tapping into those untold stories on “The Credits.”